Custom Direct manufactures windows and doors custom sized to order. That means the right fit, style and colour every time.  Whether for a custom home, the renovation you’ve been hoping for or a replacement for outdated, poorly functioning units, our associates have the experience and expertise to guide you through the decision process.  Here is some information to help you begin planning your new windows and doors.


Replacement windows and doors have the potential to transform your space greatly, whether custom fitting existing or installing new. There are many benefits to replacing aging windows and doors, including adding light, energy efficiency, noise reduction, increased property value, improved functionality, savings on heating and cooling, not to mention giving a facelift to your space. Replacements allow for either a compliment of the existing style or a complete change in the design and colour of your window and door choices. Any way you look at it, replacing existing doors and windows makes a large improvement to your home with minimal construction performed. A small change can be a big change. View our Gallery for inspiration.

Signs that show it is time to replace your windows:

  • Warm or cool areas
  • Drafts
  • Peeling Paint on Exterior of House
  • Sponginess to wood on or surrounding windows
  • Frost and Ice Buildup
  • Not operating smoothly
  • Caulk or Seal Failure


An alteration to your existing space creates more flexibility with the styles and sizes of window and door possibilities.  From grand scale to a small change here are some design aspects to consider:

  • Consider your window and door choices before construction
  • Do you wish to match the existing style of architecture or are you looking for an overhaul with more significant impact?
  • Are ready to consider a new exterior colour?

Visit our Window and our Doors sections for design ideas.  Custom Direct associates are able to advise you on choices to suit your structure and meet your vision.  Call us to arrange an appointment to select products that bring out the maximum appeal of your property.

See our Windows and our Doors sections for styles and window types.


Our maintenance free vinyl windows and our fiberglass, wood and aluminum doors add value to your home or business.  We work with builders, architects, property owners and real estate developers for a beautiful, quality answer to your design needs.  Getting it right the first time, our windows and doors are backed by a warranty you can feel assured to add to your property investment.